Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh My Toes!!

Never thought I would get into blogging about my painted toes. 2 years after lurking around a hundred of blogs of nail polished blogs (and the number is increasing by the day), I finally fell into the temptation of starting mine.

I am a straight guy passionate about the beauty of hands and feet. Nothing looks nicer than well groomed and nicely manicured hands and pedicured feet. No, I am neither gay nor into cross-dressing, I am just born with a hopeless passion for beautifully colored nails, including mine.

I started polishing my nails since my late teens, and seriously collecting nail polishes for the past few years. My nail polish collection keeps growing reaching more than a 1000 now. Yet, every time new seasonal colors are out, I get the urge of buying them all. I never get the feeling I have enough colors, "Is it a sickness fellow nail polish addicts?".

My toes are painted to perfection 24/7 but keep my manly hands very well groomed. Though I swatch colors on my hands every now and then for the fun of it. My toenails my look long for the liking of a few, but hey the larger the canvas the more exquisite the colors.

I'm blessed with a lovely wife who accepts my passion and shares it with me. Sometimes we enjoy matching pedicures and other times we compete on contrasting choices of colors.

Pretty nails are the naturals ones; acrylics, gels, extension, etc. do not match my taste.

Life is too short to be too serious, colors bring joy and fun, so enjoy my blog and keep the fun going.


  1. Welcome in the nail addicts blog world :)
    I wanted to thank you for beeing my new follower and to have my blog added to your blogroll :)
    I also added you ;)

  2. Hey, and welcome new fellow addict:) your collection is really hugem and I'm looking forward to seeing new pics of it:) and thanks for following, follow you back!

  3. Thanks Ayuu for your welcome message and for adding me to your blogroll

    This blog is such a liberating experience, looking forward for more postings

  4. Thank you Konadomania for following me back :)

    Me, huge nail polish collection! You would be surprised to know that some fellow addicts have twice as much ... 2000+ ! My only challenge now is storage space, hehe

    Trust me the moment your start buying, it is hard to resist stopping

    Will surely post lots of pix!

  5. Welcome and what a fabulous hobby *ahem* addiction we all have. I look forward to your reviews and color selections. :)

  6. @ LWfT&T, thank you for your welcome message and for following, I follow you back.

    Loved your sense of humor (on your blog) and your reviews. Surely enough your collection of nail polished will grow big. Wish I could find bargain NP, it is costing a lot to put my hands on these lemmings ...

  7. Your toes look great. I would like to know what you think about how mine look. Look under pink toes on google image and see my imageloop.